Zangenberg Windbreaker SLT 200


Wind Breaker Umbrellas By Zangenberg - 2m Round
Stainless steel umbrellas Windbreaker: Model Sylt

The Windbreaker with memory effect – extremely elastic and flexible: fibreglass and stainless steel frame is the combination of the future!
Virtually indestructible, because the flexible fibreglass ribs always go back to its original shape.
Available sizes: 2m Round and 2,5m Round.
Available colours: White, sand and yellow.
Quality screens in 100% polyester, weatherproof, water resistant, light fastness 5-6 and 30 factor UV protection.
Frame: High grade stainless steel, anti rust, silver, fibreglass ribs 6 mm thick, with a metal tilt and ergonomic runner bottom pole with handy turning lock.
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189,00 €

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